Fell compared with a year ago however discounting rates haven’t moved higher as yet the Melbourne housing market has slipped back in a second place based on the annual rate of growth now tracking just below Sydney’s at seven point five percent per annum the trend between houses and units is substantially different though with house values rising at more than double the pace of unit values over.

the past year Melbourne house values have risen by eight percent compared with the three-point-two percent lift in unit values the lower rate of growth in unit property valuer certification markets probably be traced back to higher supply levels and deteriorating confidence about the prospect of capital gains across the Melbourne unit sector reality the unit markets that show the highest risk profile tend to be both existing and new projects located in the supply epicenters of the Melbourne CBD as well as some of the CBD fringing suburbs such.

as Docklands and South Bank despite recent science at the rate of value growth may have been acceleratingBrisbane was one of the four capital cities to record a fallen values during July which has resulted in the slowing of the annual rate of growth for the city house values were down by .percent over the month and unit values were down a larger two-point-three percent a similar trend could be seen over.

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the past year with house values increasing by . percent and unit values rising at less than half the pace at one point nine percent similar to Melbourne Brisbane junit market is likely seeing growth rates dampened concerns around oversupply, however, unit supply levels are generally confined to specific areas of the inner city where high-rise apartment project numbers have surged Adelaide home values have increased by four point seven percent over the first seven months of the year.

their four-point-eight percent higher over the past twelve months despite local economic uncertainty growth in values has picked up over recent months house values have increased by five percent over the last year compared to a much lower two-point-six percent growth rate across the unit sector transaction numbers are also looking reasonably resilient across a delayed with dwelling sales only

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