The Most Pervasive Problems in Valuation

A Property sold in a flat that we purchased and I’ve got to clients that block yep so the first one and I was happy to buy for another client in.

the same block because everything stacks up for the first one except for the signal dip so imagine if all of this all him spruikers imagine if they only did the inverted comments you don’t get to say that I listening but he did that better calm can you imagine if they kept eye on.

this space every space where we’re working that property valuation report behind was saying to every property Australia process than drink what is it like way for your folks if you ‘ve bought an off the plan property go back to your to your advice, yeah we better cover and a scholar azmuth has been any resales in.

the same building and whether they put any of their clients into those results so it’s like playing protests I’m i went to a briefing this morning for commercial property yeah just respect otherwise you always good to keep learning isn’t

it Mike it is very very good and what they what they said is in terms of the rezzie space and reinforce what we’ve been talking about with settlement risk and the developers are shelving a lot of their projects which is good but the interesting thing that that the guy who is in the space said that um now.

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