The Ultimate Guide to Property Valuation

Here are some good brand new properties the people involved so that okay people have made money at a buying off-the-plan but it’s a teacher but its this high-rise once then.


A run holy one-room yep hey let’s have a chat today about so we’ve talked about how many episodes are up to others eighty-four to um we’ve talked about a lottery episode we’re walking here turn the mic on rough go as. I’ve just done a power walk from the comes winter so.

We thought we ‘d talk so for let’s say episode probably a pro-property investment yep we’re going to talk today you and I just going to rip it and see if we can come up with some reasons why you wouldn’tinvest in property alright well I mean straight away that.

The big one that jumps out to me and we talked about this before but its tax so the question there you know do we invest fully because we’re paying too much tax so if i go to my tax accountant says you’re paying too much tax go to invest in property and want to introduce you.

They to someone who can sell you a new property which has lots of tax depreciation and lots of tax benefits seriously is that while we invest so we invest a dollar to save up to cents does not make sense to me sowe will take that as you know tertiary benefit as.

You know as part of as invest in as we go into business were effectively being in a situation where there will be a time that we may have a negative cash flow and that’s good but over time we want that positive cash flow to come through so why wouldn’t invest if someone says to me you need to invest because it’s all about tax and you know all about depreciation I love depreciation and but.


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